Noa Kirel Reveals Why She's So Excited to Perform at This Year's Miss Universe Competition

20-year-old Israeli multi-hyphenate Noa Kirel is definitely going places.

Noa's an actress, host, dancer and singer-songwriter who's become a pop phenomenon in her native Israel, and she's recently been making quite a name for herself internationally as well with English-language singles "Please Don't Suck" and "Bad Little Thing." Together, their music videos have racked up a whopping 35 million views—and that's just since July!

Noa Kirel Eran Levi bad little thing

(Photo credit: Eran Levi)

It's safe to say that Noa is making a name for herself, and we don't think she'll be stopping anytime soon. That's why we're so excited that she'll be performing at this year's Miss Universe Competition, and we're gearing up to tune into quite the show. The 70th Miss Universe competition will be held on Dec. 12 in Eilat, Israel, and it's only appropriate that our girl Noa will be taking the stage to share her incredible music talents with the world.

"I'm so excited and honored to be performing at Miss Universe," Noa said in a press release. "By believing in themselves and fearlessly chasing their dreams, these women from around the world live and breathe the values of the Miss Universe Organization, and I can't wait to share this celebratory moment with all of them on this incredible global stage."

Noa Kirel Eran Levi bad little thing submergd

(Photo credit: Eran Levi)

The show has always been about championing strong women, but this year's competition will also focus on today's biggest issues, including climate change, and what each country represented is doing to go green for the betterment of the world. Organizers are expecting hundreds of millions of viewers to tune in from around the globe, and we think they'll be just as impressed with Noa as we are.

Noa Kirel Eran Levi bad little thing music video

(Photo credit: Eran Levi)


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