Definitive Ranking of Every Noah Centineo Movie

Noah Centineo isn't leaving the spotlight anytime soon.

And why would we want him to? Quite frankly, he can do no wrong (except for that awful beard dye-job—but we'll save that for another day).

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Other than that unfortunate mishap, we can stare at Noah all day long. Like…

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On top of his insane good looks, Noah is also a pretty amazing actor. After all, can you imagine falling in love with any other Peter Kavinsky? Because we can't get enough of 2018's dreamy breakout star, scroll below for our definitive ranking of every Noah Centineo movie (psst, they're all available on Netflix).

5. SPF-18

If you're a true Noah Centineo fan, you've probably seen SPF-18, and were left rather dumbfounded. The pre-TATBILB film is all over the place and doesn't showcase the actor's talents. The story line follows a girl, Penny, who's absolutely enamored with boyfriend Johnny (Noah), until a peculiar musician shows up on the scene. That's about it. A love triangle of sorts that'super anti-climactic.The plot was very predictable, and overall, the scenes were tedious. Not Noah's best work to date, be we still stan him. We did, however, enjoy the cameos by Keanu Reeves and Pamela Anderson, playing themselves.

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4. Swiped

We love watching Noah play the bad boy in this Netflix flick, where his character, Lance, plays the college roommate of James, a computer nerd and genius. When Lance gets the brilliant idea to start a dating app, he recruits Lance to build it up for him, leading to major drama on campus. Noah pulls his role off amazingly and gives us false hope that bad boys can be changed.

The cast is full of rising actors, but Noah (as usual) steals the spotlight. That said, this is a film we'd only watch once, and honestly, we likely wouldn't have stuck through its entirety if it weren't for our favorite heartthrob.

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3. The Perfect Date

When a movie is called The Perfect Date and it stars Noah Centineo, you go into it with high expectations. This film stars Noah as Brooks (is it just us or is that name super hot?), a high-schooler looking to make some extra cash for college. Essentially, people pay him to stand in as their date at occasions or to play the role of their fake boyfriend.

While not necessarily the most riveting film you'll see, it's most certainly charming, and sure to make you chuckle a few times. When we first watched it, we were thoroughly impressed, even though it was rather predictable. While it was by no means as good as TATBILB, it's a great option for a night in with your S.O. or the crew.

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2. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

Shannon Purser (aka Stranger Things' Barb) stars in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, alongside our man Noah. Noah plays Jamey, a lovable high school jock, who starts up a digital relationship with Sierra. However, he thinks he's talking to a different, more popular girl. Sierra, the ultimate cat-fisher, didn't set out to intentionally deceive Jamey, but once she saw what he looked like, she couldn't help herself (honestly girl, we would've done the same thing, too). As if Noah couldn't get any dreamier, his character in SBIAL made us swoon all over again.

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1. To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Surprise, surprise—To All the Boys I've Loved Before is No. 1 on the list. This film is what really thrust Noah onto the scene. His portrayal of Peter Kavinsky convinced us to fall in love with him in a period of 99 running minutes. If you have yet to watch the film (and in that case, where have you been?!), drop whatever it is you're doing, cuddle up on the couch and load up Netflix. TATBILB is about a girl whose secret love letters are delivered, revealing all her crushes and the guys she's wanted for years. Noah, (aka Peter) receives one of those letters—and the rest is history. Prepare to be amazed.

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