Nodpod's Weighted Blankets (and Eye Blankets) Are Here to Give You a Better Night's Sleep

I've struggled with sleep pretty much my entire life, so I'm always on the lookout for products that will help me fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

While practicing basic sleep hygiene, such as having a wind-down routine and putting my phone away an hour before bed, tends to do the trick, I'm not always the best at sticking with it. That's why I can't get enough of the products that give me an extra edge when it comes to even more restful sleep.

I was first introduced to Nodpod and their weighted eye blankets in 2020, and they very quickly became one of my must-haves for bedtime. So, when the team behind Nodpod reached out to me again this year, sharing that they now offered Nodpod Body weighted blankets as well, I knew they would be right up my alley. I agreed to give Nodpod another test run, and I was really glad I did.

The Products

Nodpod makes weighted sleep masks, and now weighted blankets, designed to help its users get a better night's sleep. The mask has four pods evenly filled with microbeads, providing a gentle pressure, which is said to have a calming effect. The mask also has scalloped edges, allowing it to contour to the face and block out any light. It also lacks elastic or velcro straps. You can either rest it over your eyes or pull one end through a slit on the other end to secure it comfortably in place, depending on your individual needs.

Nopod women wearing eye masks

(via Nodpod)

The mask also has two textured sides. One is jersey cotton that's cool to the touch and great for the summer, while the other is a warm microfiber for chilly nights. Because it can warm up a bit with skin contact, it can also be placed in the freezer so it maintains a chill well into the night. They're 29 inches long, weighing 9 oz.

The Nodpod Body isn't your traditional weighted blanket, either. It's 29 x 24 inches and weighs 6.5lbs, making it much more portable. It has the same texture as the eye blanket, but this one is filled with glass beads, with a single inner layer designed to avoid heat buildup. It's also machine washable and dryer safe.

Closeup of Nodpod Body blanket texture

(via Nodpod)

Both the eye blanket and weighted blanket come in 10 vibrant colors, with the eye blanket retailing for $34 each, and the weighted blanket selling for $88 each.


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The Experience

Back when I received my Nodpod eye blanket, I was eager to give it a whirl that very night. After going through my typical nighttime routine, putting my book away and turning off the lights, I pulled up my blanket and then rested my Nodpod mask over my eyes.

Women wearing pink eye blanket

(via Nodpod)

I immediately welcomed the weighty sensation over my eyes, which seemed to have exactly the soothing effect I'd anticipated. As a big fan of weighted blankets in general, I thought it was great being able to apply the same principle to my eyes, without actually pulling a heavy blanket over my head and trapping in all the heat.

I didn't immediately drift off to sleep, but given my track record, I wasn't expecting to. Instead, it seemed to streamline the relaxation process. I felt that my mind raced less, and when I woke up feeling well-rested, I felt the Nodpod had been partially responsible.

And now, almost two years later, I still wear my Nodpod regularly to bed. While it's never been able to provide me with instant rest, I can see the difference it makes. On particularly restless nights, it seems to help me focus during sleep meditations, which I appreciate, as I can easily get distracted during them. While I occasionally have had to remove it on particularly warm nights, having it on even for a little bit does appear to aid my sleep after removal. I've also tried it straight from the freezer on a couple of occasions, which I enjoy, but more often than not, I don't have the foresight to freeze it ahead of time.

I've also enjoyed that Nodpod doesn't just work for nighttime sleeping. I particularly like using it during daytime naps, when even closing the curtains can't keep out the bright rays of the sun. For those times I just need to rest in the middle of the day, Nodpod usually puts me right to sleep. It's also a lifesaver when I'm having a migraine. Not only does it apply gentle pressure in all the right places when my head hurts, but it also does a great job of keeping out painful light when I'm sensitive to it.

And when my Nodpod Body weighted blanket arrived, I was curious to see how I'd like the experience. At 6.5 pounds, it's definitely lighter than the other weighted blankets I own (I practically have a collection at this point), so I was wondering if it would provide the relaxation and relief I look for in a blanket.

Woman resting under Nodpod body blanket

(via Nodpod)

It actually showed up in the middle of the workday, which gave me an idea—what if I wore it in my lap during the workday? I quickly found that the blanket was the perfect size for use during the day at my desk. Where longer weighted blankets can be cumbersome and fall off because of their weight, this one stayed exactly put, giving me that soothing weighted blanket sensation all day long. It does make it slightly more tedious to get out of my chair, but it's worth the extra step!

And while I have other weighted blankets that are more suited for going to bed at night, I've found this blanket is great for naps and more concentrated weight exactly where you need it, due to its portability. I also went on a road trip recently and found that it wasn't just perfect for some relaxation in the car during the drive, but it was also a lot more convenient for traveling with than any of my other blankets would be. I would have been a lot less chill on the drive without it.

Nodpod blanket on the go

(via Nodpod)


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Bottom Line

Nodpod's eye blanket and weighted blanket likely won't work the same for everyone, but in my experience, the eye blanket is a super-effective way to get to sleep more easily, while the blanket is fantastic for some comfy weight, wherever you are. I've also shared the eye blanket with family members, who tell me that it puts them to sleep almost instantly. It's comfortable and easy to wear, blocking out light while also allowing the eyes to rest.

At $32 for a Nodpod eye blanket, the price also isn't totally prohibitive, though it may be more than some are willing to pay for a chance at better sleep. You may want to try a makeshift weighted eye pillow at home before you commit to the full-priced item if cost is an issue. However, if you love weighted blankets for helping you sleep, it might be exactly what you've been missing.

You'll also find that the $88 Nodpod Body weighted blanket is more cost-friendly than most options out there. However, you should keep in mind that it's not a full-size blanket, and might not be the best solution for everyone during sleep. However, I've found that it fully changes my desk game, and now, I don't work without it!


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