10 Cute Instagram Captions for All of Your #nofilter Photos

When you're feeling amazing about yourself, there's no need to hide behind a fancy Instagram filter.

Ready to show off the real you? Use one of these captions for every one of your #nofilter pics.

For your flawless yet totally untouched selfie:

"Confidence level: selfie with no filter."

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For when you're not afraid to show off the true you:

"A natural 10."


For the pic where you may not look perfect, but you're feeling yourself anyway:

"No need to sugarcoat it."


For that bold selfie you take when the lighting is doing all the work for you:

"My favorite filter is reality."


For when you're keeping it totally real:

"This girl doesn't need any digital help."


For when you don't want to change who you are for anybody:

"I like me just the way I am."


For your cutest smiling selfie:

"A smile works better than any filter."


For when you're just loving who you are:

"Born with it."


For when your inner beauty shines through, even without a filter:

"100% all-natural."


For when your makeup game is totally on point:

"No FaceTune required."


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