Nollapelli's Uniquely Made Pillowcases and Face Masks Will Give You THE Healthiest Skin

As someone who spends a lot of time investigating and trying out new skincare products to make sure only the best stuff goes on my skin, I honestly haven't put enough thought into the fabrics that touch my face.

Namely, my pillowcase is one of several years-old cases arbitrarily in rotation, and while my go-to face masks are comfy (and most importantly pinch at the nose to keep my glasses from fogging up), they're not exactly maskne-proof. Thinking about these things barely crossed my mind until I was contacted by the folks behind Nollapelli, a brand that makes bedding (and face masks!) with a propriety fabric designed to nourish skin and hair, rather than damaging them.

The brand was kind of enough to send me samples of their pillowcases and masks, and from here on out, I plan to be much more aware of everything that goes on my face.

The Brand

Nollapelli began as a sleep brand, created in reaction to the fact that a lot of the sheets and pillowcases people use on a nightly basis actually interfere with their ability to get a great night's sleep, while also being bad for skin and hair. Most sheets absorb the moisture we release as sweat in our sleep, and when we sleep on these sheets, we get bedhead and skin damage, as well as discomfort.

When the team got to work looking for the perfect good-for-you fabric, trying silk, cotton, linen and bamboo, none of them were quite what they were looking for. Instead, they set out to create something novel, blending natural and synthetic yarns to make a new fabric that's actually good for your skin. The result was a 45% Tencel lyocell, 35% nylon and 20% cotton blend, more breathable than pure cotton yet easier to care for, reduces sweating and doesn't soak up the body's moisture, which means healthier skin and hair. Their products are actually designed with the users in mind, which really sets them apart from the rest.

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The Products

Face Mask Duo: $30

As someone with plenty of face masks, I'm not often seeking out new ones to add to the collection, but Nollapelli's were something I had to try. These white masks, available in standard and large sizes, use the brand's proprietary fabric brand to make breathable masks that prevent maskne and reduce excess moisture while also including a BFE95 filter.

Nollapelli: face masks

(via Nollapelli)

When I first put this mask on, I was thrilled with the result. Firstly, it was so light that it was like I was barely wearing a mask at all, especially with how easy it was to breathe in it. Secondly, it had a very thin adjustable metal noseband, giving me a snug fit that also prevented my glasses from steaming up. I have a relatively small face and it was a perfect fit, so I recommend that if you're bigger, you go with the brand's large mask.

I've worn these masks out several times now, and they've quickly become some of my favorites, while also being the simplest non-disposable masks I've worn. Even better yet, my skin never feels dry or acne-prone after wearing them, and they're super easy to hand wash in cold water. Even once face masks become a thing of the past (which I hope is soon) I plan to keep these around just in case because they work great.

Nollapelli: woman in mask

(via Nollapelli)


Pillowcase Duo: Starts at $75

I live by the mantra that, since you spend a third of your life in bed, you should make your sleep space as comfy as possible, and I'm surprised that it took me this long to get the pillowcases that would allow me to live that lifestyle. After a machine wash, I stuck my favorite Pillow Cube into the case and rested my head, and immediately, I saw what all of the fuss was about.

Nollapelli: pillowcases

(via Nollapelli)

Firstly, it had a silky smooth texture and was cool to the touch, remaining that way for quite a long while, even under the weight of my warm head. It just felt more comfortable. Of course, the real test came with actually using it overnight.

When I awoke in the morning, the change in my skin was noticeable. Usually, I feel pretty dry and dehydrated when I woke up, but not with these Nollapelli cases. When I got the chance to look in the mirror, I saw that my face looked more plump and hydrated, and my hair was less of a mess. This has also been the case on subsequent mornings, instantly making these my favorite pillowcases.

Nollapelli: woman on pillow

(via Nollapelli)

These cases also happen to come in both standard queen sizes and king sizes for your mega-pillows and are designed to reduce wrinkling, so no ironing is required to get smooth, elegant-looking pillows.


Bottom Line

Nollapelli has achieved exactly what they set out to do, and I adore both their face masks and their pillowcases. The fabric is breathable, comfortable to the touch and doesn't retain moisture, which makes my skin feel incredible. I love how easy the masks are to use (and wash), and the fact that I don't have to flip my pillowcases multiple times to settle in and get comfy at night. Their price is entirely warranted for the quality of the products, and I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solution to their maskne or bedtime woes.


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