Electronic Music Producer Nora En Pure Isn't Defined By Her College Degree

Nora En Pure's road to career success was certainly not a conventional one.

The South African-Swiss electronic music producer and DJ (whose real name is Daniela Di Lillo) actually has a degree in criminal psychology, of all things, yet she's made a name for herself in the studio. It just goes to show you're not locked into a career in your major, nor does having a degree even mean you'll use it.

Having recently released her Homebound EP, the blonde beauty will hit center stage at San Diego's sold-out CRSSD Festival, taking place March 7 to 8 at Waterfront Park. We caught up with Nora ahead of her appearance, and she filled us in on the American festival vibe versus her hometown's, her musical influences and why she has no regrets about not following her original career path.

Sweety High: What's your favorite part about performing at Southern California music festivals?

Nora En Pure: I absolutely love the vibe! The west coast is very laidback and enjoys a good party with good music. I feel quite a strong following over here and therefore love to play here more and more.

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SH: What does the American festival scene offer that your hometown doesn't (and vice versa)?

NEP: Since I tour most frequently in America or since American audiences follow my sound more (whichever was first [laughs]), I enjoy playing over here as they're really into the NEP sound and what it evolves into. I actually don't play very often in my hometown, and Swiss people are generally much more reserved, while Americans are really up for partying and just generally having a good time.


SH: What are your festival must-haves?

NEP: For myself, I just prepare a little different. Because it's often shorter sets, I usually play a little more diverse and groovier. As a festival-goer, I'd say you really just need a good crew to hang out with, preferably with similar music taste.


SH: What excites you most about CRSSD in particular?

NEP: You just know CRSSD is going to be on point every time. From the lineup to the production, it's just great. San Diego is a spot I always look forward to playing, and CRSSD is a real highlight for me on tour.

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SH: Who are some of your musical influences (electronic and otherwise)?

NEP: I often find inspiration outside of electronic music from the likes of Hans Zimmer and also a lot of different Netflix and film soundtracks.


SH: Who are some rising females in the electronic music scene you admire?

NEP: I like female acts that don't make it about being female. I've always had the opinion that it should be strictly about the music, not the gender, ever. I like acts that are focused on their craft and bringing quality music or just doing their own thing, not following any trends. Some examples are Eli & Fur, I recently discovered Gioli & Assia and have also heard some cool sets from Qrion.


SH: Given your degree in criminal psychology, would you have pursued a career in that field had you not become a music producer?

NEP: It's definitely a field that I still find highly interesting. There are different job options that one could pursue with this degree, but the general tricky part with everything related to psychology is that nothing can ever be proven with the human psyche. It can be a hard field to work in as you can never be sure of your real progress. Now, I have also become used to a more creative, self-making and on-the-run lifestyle that I'd need some time to get adjusted to a regular job again.

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SH: What's something you think fans would be surprised to know about you, and what's next?

NEP: Tricky question, I feel I'm always pretty transparent. I enjoy being, or even playing, barefoot. I dream I'm diving with whales at least once a month. Despite all my travels, I feel much more at ease in nature than in a city. But I guess none of this is really surprising.

As for what's next? I have quite an interesting collab coming up for my next release. It's a downtempo cover of a track I've always been fond of, and it's quite different from my usual stuff. I loved breaking out of the dance music scheme for once and just doing something downtempo for a change. I'm curious how it will be received, but more of that soon.


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