If You're Not Basic, You'll Relate to These 17 Truths

While a heap of folks are dashing to their nearest Starbucks line for the sake of sipping PSLs all season, there are others who prefer to do the opposite of the norm.

Okay, the PSL concept is the one that comes quickest to mind, but really, it takes more than a syrupy slurp to classify you as "basic," so if indeed you dig the sugary concoction, don't worry, you can still get out of "basic" territory unscathed.

Just so we're clear, dictionary.com defines the term as, "predictable or unoriginal style, interests or behavior (especially of a female)."

If you know that this definitely doesn't define you, keep reading for 17 truths you'll relate to if you're not basic!

1. You've never seen The Chainsmokers live, nor do you intend to do so.

2. You don't own slogan tees (you're all for a Mean Girls viewing, but wearing a top that says "You Can't Sit With Us" is so not your thing).

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3. You never ended up trying Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino (just not worth all that sugar intake for the simple sake of the same Instagram photo that was already blowing up your feed by everyone else).

4. You're so much more of a Coffee Bean girl anyway.

5. "Bae," "slay" and "squad" are so not part of your vocab.

6. You know that Coachella isn't the utmost important event in life (but don't get us wrong, the festival is fun and all).

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7. You've gone to Coachella without planning your outfits weeks—heck, months—in advance.

8. You actually consider a music festival other than Coachella your fave of the year.

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9. Your fave musical artist isn't Drake, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez.

10. You've never seen a full episode of anything in The Bachelor franchise.

11. You don't own a Kylie Lip Kit.

12. You don't have any tattoos (nor do you plan on getting any)!

13. You don't follow any Kardashians on social media.

14. You're not gluten-free, and you don't care who knows!

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15. Your fave color isn't pink.

16. You've never dyed your hair a pastel hue.

17. You love fall for so many reasons other than coffee and pumpkin carving.

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18. You'd be appalled if someone called you "basic."


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