Not Crushing on Anyone Right Now? You'll Relate to These Truths

Having a crush is a terrifyingly amazing experience.

You fantasize about them all the time and are anxious to know if they like you back. At the same time, you like not knowing, because what if they don't like you? But what if they do? They probably don't. But they might! The struggle.

There are rare instances, however, when you find yourself not crushing on a single soul. And it's one of the most calming feelings in the world.

Suddenly you no longer care if that guy or girl likes you back, all you care about is just doing you.

If you just so happen to be in that phase of your life right now, we bet you'll agree with the truths about not having a crush below:

1. All your friends want to do is talk about interactions with their crushes when you hang out, but you have nothing to contribute to the conversation so you just sit there in silence.

2. And when they ask you who you're crushing on and you say no one, they're utterly shocked. They don't understand how you can't have a crush on one person.

Girl sad while two of her friends talk behind her back

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3. They literally pester you about it every single hour of every day like it'll change, but you're just chilling being crushless.

4. Not having a crush means you can focus on the more important things in life, like your schoolwork. Who are we kidding? It's more time to discover new shows on Netflix, new bands on Spotify or improve how fast you can devour an entire roll of cookie dough.

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5. You've learned to enjoy your own company more. When you had a crush, you did everything you could to hang out with them in a group setting. Now you crave spending time by yourself and wouldn't have it any other way.

6. You no longer feel the constant need to check your phone to see if your crush has texted you. Honestly, you rarely ever check it, so your friends kind of get annoyed when you respond to their texts a few hours late… whoops!

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7. When you have a crush, you're usually a big ball of nerves. But when you don't have a crush, you're as cool as a cucumber. You're the most laidback individual in the world.

8. Sometimes you do miss having a crush though, but then you remember how agonizing that whole thing is and remember you're better off alone.

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9. Until you suddenly realize you've developed feelings for someone and are back in the crush game. Oh, joy.


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