14 Things You'll Only Get If You REALLY Want a Puppy, But Can't Have One

Wanting a dog is even tougher when your parents say you can't have one.

No matter how responsible you are and how much you prove yourself, it can be tough to get them to budge. Instead, you have to get all the puppy love you can from other people's dogs.

If that sounds like you, you'll definitely relate to these 14 things:

1. Your Instagram feed is 90% puppies. Insta fame doesn't matter. As long as they're dogs, you'll follow.

Cute wrinkly-faced brown puppy with black mask

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2. You have a running list of your dream dog breeds with multiple puppy names for each, depending on what their personality is like. You're prepared for all eventualities.

3. You always spend your free time at outdoor malls and shopping centers where you're sure to find dogs being walked.

4. And when you finally do spot a dog, you make barely human noises, followed by asking the pet parent if you can pet their dog and/or snap a few photos with them—which turns into a full-fledged photo shoot before the day is done.

Two dogs in snow, one holds the other dog's leash

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5. You know exactly which family members, friends and acquaintances have dogs and which ones don't (plus their breeds, names and favorite toys).

6. You're also profoundly jealous of your friends with dogs—but you always visit their houses any opportunity you get.

7. Nothing brings you more joy than when a dog approaches you first.

8. You know every pet store and doggy daycare in town that always has adorable puppies playing in the store windows.

9. You never have to worry about being a wallflower at a party if a dog is there.

10. You visit dog parks more often than people who actually have dogs.

Cute golden retriever puppy in field

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11. You only go on Facebook to look at posts about dog adoptions and help lonely pups find forever homes.

12. You're constantly trying to show your parents you're responsible enough for a dog by doing all your chores and getting everything done in a timely fashion.

13. You show your family adorable dog videos on a daily basis to send them a hint and try to get them on your side.

14. You concoct elaborate schemes about how you'd care for your puppy in secret, without ever letting your parents know about it—and you've almost convinced yourself it would work.

Dachshund puppy being held up

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