How to Deal When Someone You're Not Interested in Keeps Texting You

We've all been on the receiving end of a text we didn't really care to respond to.

Sometimes, these texts are a one-off thing. Other times, they can seem like an endless barrage. This is especially true when the person on the other end of the texts is someone who likes you, but you just don't feel the same way back.

If you're not sure how to deal with the situation (and you're getting sick and tired of all of the messages) follow these steps to help them get the picture and stop those texts once and for all.

Don't Lead Them On

When someone's interested in you, there's the potential for them to misinterpret the slightest bit of enthusiasm as reciprocated feelings. If you don't want to lead them on, you might have to reel back the pleasantries entirely—sometimes, to the point of almost being rude.

First, try to prevent texts from getting too personal. If they ask about you, try to change the topic to something more general, and avoid revealing too much about yourself. If they start insinuating a closeness that isn't really there, try calling them words like "friend" or "buddy" to maintain distance and let them know where you stand.

Even if you're naturally chatty and inquisitive over texts, make an active effort not to ask them any questions that might show curiosity, and don't act too engaged or interested in the conversation. By replying with unenthusiastic one-word responses, you can frame the texts so that it'll take extra effort and creativity for the other person to actually keep the convo going. And unless you're going to do a passive-aggressive thumbs-up, keep your fingers away from the fun emojis. Unfortunately, friendliness can come across as romantic interest.


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Talk About Other People

If they're still not getting the memo, it might be helpful to start bringing up the people you actually are interested in. Obviously, if you're seeing someone, mention it casually and let that fact do all of the talking for you. If you're not, you may want to drop the name of the person you're crushing on, and even ask the texter if they have any advice for getting closer to them. And a simple text like "Can't talk now, headed out on a date" can work wonders.


Respond Selectively

What gets the message across even better than a curt text? No text at all.

When your phone starts blowing up with texts from that frustrating someone, don't respond immediately. Wait a few hours before you return the text—or just ignore it completely. The less you respond, the more discouraged they'll be from texting you further.

If that doesn't sit right with you, there's also the option of telling them you'll get back to them later. Act busy and let them know that you can't talk now. Even if that's exactly the truth, it lets them know that they shouldn't expect to have constant access to you, and over time reduce texting contact—all one a table dictated by you.


Be Direct

Some people just can't take a hint. If clues and context can't get them to understand that you're simply not interested, you'll probably have to come out and say it. Try setting some boundaries and letting them know that their constant texting is a distraction, or even say you'd rather they didn't text you anymore. Be straightforward and tell them that you just don't like them that way. You probably don't want to come across as hurtful, but sometimes, you just have to let someone down easy.


If All Else Fails, Block Them

If you've politely told someone you don't care to text them anymore, and they still won't stop, you can always block their number. Some people just can't be reasoned with. When push comes to shove, you shouldn't be afraid of using the tools at your disposal to live your best life.


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