You Shouldn't End a Friendship Over These 5 Scenarios

There are plenty of times when it's okay to say sayonara to a member of your squad.

If a so-called friend hooks up with your significant other, steals from you, calls you names, betrays your trust or simply just makes you feel like garbage, then it's a no-brainer that this "pal" has got to go.

Toxic friendships are awful, and there's no reason to keep them going—but on the flipside, there are questionable scenarios with certain friends that may upset you temporarily. In the grand scheme of things, they shouldn't be grounds to end your relationship.

Keep reading for five scenarios that aren't worth putting an end to a friendship.

1. Crushing Over the Same Person

It's one thing for a friend to date your crush or your ex, but it's totally harmless to get googly-eyed over the same student. Instead of being annoyed by it, consider it a fun topic of conversation that you and the friend both agree upon. At the end of the day, if you've never been romantically involved with this crush of yours, who are you to hate on a friend who likes them, too? This crush is fair game.

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2. A Lost or Broken Borrowed Belonging

If a friend straight-up steals from you or "borrows" items without asking for permission, then it's a big red flag that they clearly can't be trusted—but if they remorsefully lose or break a belonging you knowingly lent them and they agree to either replace it or pay for it, accept that this was an honest mistake and know that they feel bad about it. Instead of not speaking to them again over it, take it as a lesson to be more mindful with lending out your possessions.


3. An Unconfirmed Rumor

When we're surrounded by so many people all week long, it's easy to get caught up in he-said, she-said drama. There's a never-ending game of telephone and no one can seem to get off the line. If you hear through the grapevine that a friend is spreading gossip about you, before you go haywire, confront them in a private, mature manner. A big chunk of the time, you'll find out that there was a big misunderstanding or that someone you're not friends with is actually the culprit here. That said, if there's proof that this "friend" of yours indeed has been talking smack, then it's time to stand up for yourself and kick this relationship to the curb.

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4. A Friend or S.O. of Theirs You Can't Stand

Let's face the facts: Not everyone's going to like you and vice versa. It's totally normal that there's someone a pal hangs out with or dates that you might even despise. Unless your friend is rude to you in front of them or seemingly always takes their side, try to look past their relationship and know that your friend likes them for a reason and that they are staying neutral and maintaining a solid friendship with you as well. If you start to show jealousy or encourage your friend to lose this person, it will only push your pal away and make them resent you.

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5. Not Being Invited to Every Hangout

It's easy to feel like we should be invited to every group or individual hang, but people hangout with different people for different reasons. Sometimes there's a study hangout that only makes sense for certain people to attend. Other times, there's a spur-of-the-moment hangout that wasn't intended to alienate anyone, it just happened to be a last minute thing. Other times there may be someone you're not friends with who initiated the group hang with a few of your pals. Unless you sense a seemingly deliberate pattern of being alienated from your squad's get-togethers, try not to read too much into occasionally being left out.


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