NOTD Dish on Collaborating With kenzie on Latest Single 'The Worst Thing'

There's a good reason Swedish producer duo NOTD are multi-platinum artists, and if they're not already firmly on your radar, their new collab with kenzie is sure to put them there.

It's called "The Worst Thing," out today, and it's an infectious electronic pop track about not being quite able to let go of your ex. With its undeniable beat and sticky chorus, it's sure to be stuck in your head for the next week, and we got the chance to chat with NOTD all about the new single, its lyrics, and how they came to collaborate with kenzie on the track. Keep reading to find out what they shared with us.

The Story Behind 'Worst Thing'

NOTD: We look at it as a super relatable story about missing an ex, and even though you broke up for a reason, you still miss them and hope life's circumstances give you another opportunity to see each other. Sonically, the upbeat production mixed with the kinda sad, emotional vocal creates that bittersweet feeling that has defined our sound.


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Collaborating With kenzie

NOTD: We met kenzie on a Zoom during the pandemic and talked about finding something to do together. Then, this song came to us and we felt it'd be a perfect one for her.

NOTD + kenzie The Worst Thing cover art

(Image Courtesy of Island Records)


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What 'Worst Thing' Means

NOTD: We love the message of the song as it's an honest feeling a lot of people come across. We hope the listeners derive whatever meaning they want from it.


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NOTD's Favorite Lyrics

NOTD: "And would it be the worst thing if we both fell asleep, woke up to 20 calls each wondering where the hell have we been?" We love this 'cause it's so relatable and it paints a real picture of how your friends and family might be worried when you don't pick up.

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