Get to Know Singer, Actress and Dancer Nova Miller Better Than Ever

Singer, actress and dancer Nova Miller is our girl of the week for obvious reasons. She releases her new EP, Yellow, on June 1, and we've been counting down the days.

If you're not a fan yet, you're about to be! Get to know her better than ever below:


(Photo credit: Vendela Hyde)

Full Name: Astrid Fanny Nova Miller

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Birthday: July 29

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Fun Facts:

1. She has a couple major obsessions she needs people to know about: a band called Mic Lowry that she opened for on tour, and her habit of putting coconut oil in her hair.

"Coconut oil has changed my life, it makes my hair so soft, I promise."

–Nova Miller

2. Growing up, she was always inspired by Kim Possible.

"I remember being inspired by her because she was such a strong independent girl and she would just solve every single mission, fight and really stand up for herself. We need more fictional characters like her!"

–Nova Miller

3. She's always grateful to be able to live her dreams and make music.

"I always say three things that I'm grateful for in the morning because it helps me start the day off and remember to never take anything for granted."

–Nova Miller

4. She has a serious bucket list full of doing things like going on a world tour and winning a Grammy.

"I've also always wanted to go to Japan. I don't know, it just seems like a fascinating country."

–Nova Miller

5. Her fave snack growing up was pickles.

"I used to eat them every single day when I was younger. I just remember thinking they were so good. They're the perfect mix of sweet and salty."

–Nova Miller

6. If she could travel anywhere in the world for a couple weeks, she would go to Japan or New Zealand.

"I've heard they're both really special and beautiful. I guess it would be really fascinating for me because I think it's really different from Sweden, where I'm from."

–Nova Miller

7. She would love to learn to skate at some point in her life.

"I think skaters are so cool. I tried it once but it was so hard, I just fell all the time. I don't understand how they do it!"

–Nova Miller


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