Fashion Trends: What's in for November 2021

It's that time of the year again!

November 2021 is upon us, and there are some new trends coming in this month that you do not want to miss out on. These trends are anything but basic, so give yourself permission to sip on that pumpkin spice latte and discover seven fashion ideas you'll adore.

1. Scarves as Purse Straps

The fall months are all about accessorization, so unhook that leather or linked chain from your bag and replace it with something unusual. Instead of your everyday strap,  wear a woven silky, patterned scarf to finish the look. Even if you decide just to hang it loosely off the side of your purse, the fabric will make your outfit pop.


2. Blazers Over Everything

When you're not sure quite how to complete your ensemble, add a blazer for the ultimate autumn look. Whether you throw it over a casual outfit or wear it as a dress, a blazer will make you sophisticated and trendy all at once. Also, if it's super chilly outside, layering with another jacket is always cute.


3. Cowboy Boots for All Occasions

Cowboy boots are the new it shoe, which can be styled with a casual pair of shorts or with an edgy dress. While they used to be country, they're now versatile enough to work with every look. Get yourself a pair of cowboy boots (or three) to complete your wardrobe.


4. Layering, Layering, Layering

We love fall because it is the season of layering. Try a sweater under your dress or a blazer under a denim jacket. Layering not only keeps you cozy, but it makes your outfit truly unique, effortlessly making you a trendsetter. Combining different layers allows you to accent with pops of color and different patterns to add a little oomph to any outfit.


5. Bold New Color Combos

It's time to be bold with your colors. While it might once have been considered a fashion faux pas, clashing shades are now in. If you have your eye on a sunset orange, try to mix and match different shades and textured pieces—and make sure to add a hint of green somewhere to be fully in season.


6. Calming Monotoned Blue Outfits

If blue is your favorite color, this is the perfect opportunity to try an all-blue outfit. Together, different shades of blue are eye-catching and chic. This classy look is essential and can work any time of the year, not only giving you a break from all the new colors coming into your wardrobe, but also making you feel like you just finished a meditation class.


7. Outfits That Pop

Whether it be switching your purse strap to a scarf, throwing a blazer over a dress, or kicking up your cowboy boots, these trends work because they make your outfits pop. Maybe you'll get some inspiration from the changing leaves and throw some yellow, orange or red into your wardrobe. Whatever you choose to do to really stand out, you will not be sorry.


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