We Tried a $249 Vibrating Flat Iron—Is It Worth the Splurge?

It's no secret that we at Sweety High get sent our fair share of beauty products and tools to test—but the products range in price, and sometimes we find that less expensive items work just as well (if not better) than ones that are more costly.

Case in point: Up until a week ago, I was using the Bellami x Grav3yard Curl Flat Styler Iron. Clocking in at a whoppin' $39.99, I've gotta say I got way more than I ever expected for that price. A friend came over and was equally taken by the power of this underrated tool.

But when I heard about n:p beautiful's $249 vibrating signature Straight Tool—created by renown celeb hairstylist David Babaii—I was intrigued. Would this blow my budget-friendly go-to out of the water?

Only one way to find out!

The Product

I reached out to a rep for the product and asked if they'd send me an iron for review, and sure enough they kindly obliged.

In no time, a sleek, rose gold-plated tool arrived, and I was immediately taken by all its features. Not only did its long list of conveniences include fast heating, floating plates that eliminate tugging, automatic safety shut-off, 400-degree maximum heat, and the unique vibrating function—but the company donates 10% of net proceeds to charities it loves (which it lists as pediatric cancer research and animal welfare).


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The Experience

Let me start by saying I have very thick, naturally wavy (and a bit chaotic)  hair. It's very rare that I'll go straight from air-dry or blow dry, right into flat-ironing. I almost always run InStyler's GLOSSIE Ceramic Styling Brush through my hair a few times to relax the locks a bit. From there, I go into my flat-ironing.

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When I turned the Straight Tool on, it heated up pretty much immediately. And it was very easy to toggle back and forth between temperature settings. While I do have thick hair, it isn't that long, so I didn't feel it necessary to raise the temp all the way to 400 degrees. I kept it at around 325 degrees.

Unlike other irons I've used, the vibration (which you have the option to turn on or off) in this one is key to avoiding the typical pull and tug you'll get with other products. I love how smoothly the tool slides through my hair. Since using the product, there's been literally no broken hair pieces or any pile-up in the sink or bathroom floor once I'm done.

That said, although the beautiful rose gold plates are indeed long on this iron, they are also incredibly thin, which makes it more difficult to smooth out bigger pieces unless I go up to 400 degrees (which some people advise against, due to heat damage). But on the flip side, having those thin plates does make it easier to get those tiny, hard-to-reach wisps that need to be straightened.

Bottom Line

This product is definitely one for today's generation. The rose gold plates are eye-catching and pair beautifully with the black casing. Also, the flat iron is incredibly easy to use, it's less harmful on your hair than other irons, and unless you touch the plates with your bare hands, it's almost impossible for this to burn you.

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That said, because of the thickness of my hair, it's difficult to really get my entire head silk smooth without hitting the max 400 degrees. I think for someone with what I would call "normal" hair, this would be a sure bet.

The product is certainly worth giving a whirl, but because of its steep price tag, I would absolutely advise trying before buying. Find out where it's sold and have a salesperson guide you through its use.


If you're reading about flat irons, that probably means you have naturally curly hair. If so, you'll definitely relate to THESE struggles!