NTRL by Sabs Makes Shampoo and Conditioner Bars for All Hair Types, and We're Obsessed

Because I try a lot of haircare products for work, I've discovered all kinds of shampoos, conditioners, serums and more that I absolutely adore—but that doesn't mean that I've stopped searching.

I'm always on the lookout for anything that can reduce greasiness around my scalp on days I don't shampoo, as well as ones that are more environmentally friendly, and it turns out that NTRL by Sabs can do both. The folks behind the brand offered to send me some samples to review, based on my own hair concerns, and I think I may have found my favorite shampoo and conditioner bar brand yet.

The Brand

NTRL by Sabs (pronounced "natural by Sabs") was developed by celebrity hairstylist Sabrina Rowe as an inclusive personal care brand. The brand's first products were formulated with textured hair in mind, using Sabrina's background in natural care hair, and over time, the brand has expanded to include products for all hair types, from straight to coiled.

The Black-owned, U.S.-made brand includes traditional shampoos and conditioners formulated with rich botanical ingredients, as well as sustainable and zero-waste options for the hair and skin. For my review, I was sent a lotion bar and lip balm, as well as shampoo and conditioner bars hand-picked for me and my pin-straight Asian hair.


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The Products

Natural Lip Balm #1: $10

In addition to great products for hair, NTRL by Sabs also makes some items made for the skin, including this natural lip balm available in three different formulas. I was sent the lavender rosemary formula, which has such a lovely scent. The coconut oil and beeswax formula can be a little hard, especially in cooler climates, but just apply a little heat and it goes on soft and smooth, instantly moisturizing and soothing dry lips.

NTRL by Sabs Lavender rosemary lip balm (via NTRL by Sabs)


Coco Lav Lotion Bar #2: $24

I've become a big fan of lotion bars, lately, and this lavender oil-scented version of the bar smells so delicious and relaxing. It starts off solid, as it's also formulated with coconut oil and beeswax, but melts in the hands into a smooth and super hydrating oil that feels great on the skin, especially over trouble spots. If I have one complaint about this bar, is that it's filled with little bits of lavender flower. It's likely that they make the bar smell even better, but they can be a little scratchy on occasion and stick to the skin and must be picked off. They also kind of look like bugs, which probably isn't what you want when you're applying lotion.

NTRL by Sabs Lavender Lotion bar

 (via NTRL by Sabs)


Bali Breeze Shampoo Bar: $20

Now, for hair products that put NTRL by Sabs on the map. For my hair, I was sent the Bali Breeze Shampoo Bar, which has a unique green and orange look and is scented with bright, citrusy lemongrass. The smell is super rejuvenating during my morning showers, and I also love that it's completely plastic-free. At 4 oz., it's larger than any shampoo bar I've used before, and it seems like it will last for a while—especially given that I only use it every other day, and allow it to dry between uses for longevity.

But the most important aspect of the bar is that it makes my hair feel so clean, hydrating and nourishing my hair and giving it an awesome shine without making it look super greasy. It's been the perfect substitute for the liquid shampoo I typically use for my every-other-day washes—and I may even play with spacing out washes even more to see what this baby can do. You can also store it in the brand's natural bar saver bag to make it really last, but I've been keeping mine on a self-draining soap dish in the shower, and that system's been working well for me.


NTRL by Sabs Bali Breeze shampoo bar

 (via NTRL by Sabs)


Citrus Conditioner Bar: $18

And last is the brand's Citrus Conditioner Bar, which I've also been adoring so far. I've tried a number of conditioner bars in the past, and while most tell you to keep them out of water, that isn't always enough to keep them from turning into a mushy mess. This one comes with the natural bar saver bag, which aids in additional drying outside of the shower, and it works wonders to keep the bar solid and keep it working exactly as it should.

And this thing works. It's easy to apply to the ends of the hair to make them feel silky soft and hydrated, and its gentle lemony scent is also as relaxing as it is vibrant. Best of all, when I get out of the shower, my hair is left mostly tangle-free and easy to brush through with a wet brush. I use it daily (even on the days I don't shampoo), but I do find that my hair looks its best when I use these two products in tandem.


NTRL by Sabs Citrus Conditioner in bag

 (via NTRL by Sabs)


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Bottom Line

While I'm a big fan of NTRL by Sabs' lip balms and lotion bars, their hair products really are the star of the show. I'm not exaggerating when I say that these are the best shampoo and conditioner bars I've tried so far—and I've tried a few. Of course, my hair is very straight and shiny, so I can't speak for how their products work for other hair textures, so your mileage may vary.


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