Nuuly Is the Clothing Rental Subscription Service You Need to Know About

love going shopping for new clothes.

Whether it's IRL or online, I have no qualms. However, the one thing I don't like about it is that my bank account slowly but surely dwindles away. So, when the team over at Nuuly asked if I'd be interested in trying out their clothing rental subscription service, I jumped at the chance. Below, you'll find out all about my experience with Nuuly and see if it's worth the money.

The Company

Nuuly is an online clothing rental subscription service. For just $88 a month, you get to choose six items of clothing that you get to keep for the month. And the brands (listed HERE) are ones that you will love—think Free People, Urban Outfitters, DL1961, For Love and Lemons, Anthropologie, Cynthia Rowley, Levi's and so many more.

Whether you're going on a trip for a week and need winter clothes, or just want to have fun with your closet that month, Nuuly is a great option. From dresses to jeans, tops, jackets and more, there are tons of clothing options to choose from. Plus, if you're anything like me and don't like to repeat the same clothes in your IG feed, this is a great way to look fashionable and trendy year-round.

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The Experience

After creating my own account and being set up with a code, I got to shopping. I scrolled through the site for about 25 minutes before deciding on the six pieces I wanted to try. I ended up with three dresses, a sweater, a jacket and a top.


(via Nuuly)

Once I put in my selects and my shipping address, I was shocked at how fast my Nuuly package arrived. Seriously—it was like two days! It came in a fabric pouch with a zipper, which TBH was the best part of the whole experience. If you've ever had to ship or return something, I'm sure you can imagine what a pain in the butt it is to get a box, tape it up and make sure it doesn't fall apart. With the fabric pouch, though, it made my life so much easier. It even came with a label to ship back at the end of the month!

All of the clothes were neatly folded, laundered and ready for me to wear. Plus, if you fall in love with a piece and don't want to send it back, you can buy it off Nuuly for a deal. I'm honestly having second thoughts about sending the jacket back—I think I need it hanging in my closet permanently. Just look at the TikTok below!

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After the end of the month hit and it was time to send back my pieces, I can honestly say I loved how seamless the entire process was.


Bottom Line

I am so happy with the way my Nuuly experience went, and I'd definitely do it again. In fact, I have a trip coming up and think it would be the perfect time to use Nuuly! Plus, at just $88 a month, you're saving yourself so much money. Instead of spending $200 at a store on pieces you'll only wear once, I'd recommend looking into Nuuly.

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