Show Off Your NYE Nails With These Instagram Captions

2022 is finally coming to a close, and if you plan on ringing in the New Year in style, you need to have a fresh mani worthy of an Instagram photo.

From shimmery metallics to cute designs and more, New Year's and New Year's Eve nails are our absolute favorite. Feel like showing off your adorable NYE mani? Here are some Instagram captions we think you'll adore.

For when your nails are chrome:

"These nails will blind you."



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For when you have firework art on your nails:

"My NYE nails are lit."



For that pic of your latest set of nails:

"I averaged a mani every two weeks this year. That mean's this is my 26th set of the year!"



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For when you're in love with your NYE nails:

"New Year's nails hit different."



For that pic of your cute nail art:

"The only things getting lit tonight are my nails."



For when your New Year's mani is the same as every other one:

"New year, same nails."



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For when you're nails are super glittery:

"The more glitter, the better."



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