Makeup Trends to Retire For Summer 2017, According to YouTuber Chrisspy

We love to get our hands on a new beauty product before anyone else, so you can only imagine our thrill when we were invited to be among the very first to check out NYX Professional Makeup's brand new location at Los Angeles' ultra-chic Westfield Century City mall.

Stocked with more products than we knew what to do with, the fluorescent pink-powered shop boasts its very own brush bar, lash bar, shadow bar and how-to video guides.


(Photo Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for NYX Professional Makeup)

Professional makeup artist and YouTuber Chrisspy was on hand to help the trendy cosmetics line celebrate the opening of their latest store, and Sweety High got the scoop on the latest trends, straight from the source.


(Photo Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for NYX Professional Makeup)

Keep reading for everything you need to know about what makeup trends to ditch and discover for summer!

Sweety High: Starting with lips, what trend do we need to retire that was big in the spring or fall? What's going to be the new thing for summer?

Chrisspy: Oh, that's a tough one. I've seen a lot of metallic lip trends that are really cool and matte lips are always a staple for me, but for summer it's hard to do. So for summer we may be seeing more metallic lips coming up.

SH: Then as far as eyes are concerned what should we be retiring for the summer?

C: As much as I'm an eyeshadow lover, I feel like the lighter eye shadows are the newer thing lately so I think we're going to be seeing less dramatic eyeshadow and more bare eyes.


SH: So bare eyes all together? Not a lot of eyeliner and mascara?

C: I'm seeing lots of lashes, minimal liner, and like a wash of color.


(Photo Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for NYX Professional Makeup)


SH: And then eyebrows. It seems like the big thick brows are still going strong. What do you think?

C: Yeah eyebrows are definitely moving more and more natural as opposed to the carved out look. Still big though.


SH: And then as far as, in general, highlighter is still an ongoing thing. What do you see as far as the overall trends are concerned for summer?

C: I think in summer, people are definitely going to be into ways to preserve your makeup. So you're going to highlight but you're also going to be using powders and things to make sure your makeup doesn't melt off.


SH: What's a trend overall in 2017 that you personally want to see fizzle out?

C: I'm so over the misuse and unnecessary color correcting that I see online. I want that to go away for the benefit of everyone.


SH: What's your favorite product in this store? I know it's hard to pick one, but even just one particular lip color or something like that that you just absolutely cannot live without?

C: So this is actually very easy for me. My absolute favorite right now, my holy grail, is the NYX liquid liner in black. I was a diehard for another one but then I discovered NYX and I love it.


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