5 Signs You Have an Unhealthy Obsession With Your Dog

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes—and in some cases, they're not even human!

Many people rely on canine companions as their BFF, and we totally get why. Dogs are amazing listeners, and they always have a way of cheering us up when we're feeling down.

But while we cherish our furry little friends, there are some people take their adoration for their animal a little too far. Are you one of those people? Keep reading for five signs you have an unhealthy obsession with your dog:

1. You Take Your Dog With You Literally Everywhere

It's nice to have people stop to pet your dog and tell you how cute they are, but if you're taking your dog everywhere you go, maybe you should try to limit the places you bring them. After all, not everyone likes to eat inside a restaurant with a dog laying on the floor.


2. Your Dog Owns Just as Many Clothes as You 

We get i, it's fun to play dress-up, but let's be real, your pet is not your kid. Save the cute outfits for a much later date in life. If you want to dress your pet up in holiday gear for a great photo or maybe a momentous occasion in their life, fine—but please refrain from dressing your dog in Chanel. It's a bit much!

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3. Your Dog Only Eats People Food

Dogs are meant to eat dog food for a reason! An occasional treat to In-N-Out for an animal style indulgence is beyond acceptable, but please don't hover over your stove on the reg to make fancy dishes for your dog. Pamper yourself with that filet mignon and Evian. Your dog will be just fine eating that smelly kibble and drinking tap water. We promise!


4. Your Dog Spoons You to Sleep Nightly

Does your pup cuddle up next to you inside your sheets every night? That doggie of yours has so many germs from walking all over the ground, and now all that gunk is getting in your sheets. Ask yourself, would you walk on the ground barefoot outside and climb into bed? Chances are the answer is no, so make your pup sleep on the floor next to you instead and create some healthy space for you both!


5. Your Room Has More Pictures of Your Dog Than Your Friends

If you're looking around your room for a photo of you and your besties on a night out and can't find one, but there's a shrine of your pooch in every corner, chances are your obsession is getting a tad out of hand. Mix it up and make a collage honoring everyone in your circle! After all, life is all about balance.


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