These Quotes From Octopath Traveler Also Make Excellent Instagram Captions

Octopath Traveler isn't just an amazing, sprawling RPG for the Nintendo Switch. It's also packed with some seriously quotable lines.

And those quotes don't only make sense in the context of the game. Keep scrolling to find out how to also use them as amazing Instagram captions.

For your most empowering post-breakup photo:

"I need your stage no longer. I dance for myself."

– Primrose Azelhart


For the artsy pic of your new bullet journal:

"I'll travel far and wide, and journey on until every last page is filled."

-Tressa Colzione


For the stunning selfie that makes you feel more confident than you have in a long time:

"O, woe is me, doomed to never realize the full depth of my good looks and charisma!"

– Cyrus Albright


For the pic documenting the beginning stages of your next artistic endeavor:

"Time to see just how far my talents will go."

-Alfyn Greengrass


For the shot of you proudly going stag at the school dance:

"No one need stand with me, for I need no man!"



For the pic of you showing off your 'A' grade on a really, really tough exam:

"I daresay my logic is foolproof."


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For the group shot of you and your best friends in the whole world:

"There is only one true treasure in a person's life."

-Tressa Colzione


For the photo of you in your most threatening action pose:

"I'm stronger than I look. I'm well versed in all the martial arts."



For the latest image showing off your ever-growing book collection:

"Knowledge is power, and power is to be hoarded."

-Cyrus Albright


For that perfect snapshot of your super yummy lunch:

"Om nom nom."



For the pic of you getting super emotional watching your favorite sad movie for the hundredth time:

"Sorry. Sometimes my emotions get the better of me."

-Alfyn Greengrass


For the shot of you with your nose buried deep in your latest read:

"There was a time when I was so engrossed in a book, I failed to notice that my neighbor's house was on fire."

-Cyrus Albright


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