Official Baby I Music Video Shows Ariana's Moves!

Not long after Ariana Grande released a teaser for "Baby I," the official Baby I music video is now live on Vevo!Official Baby I Music Video

Not only are we obsessed with Ariana's new album Yours Truly, but we are totally in love with this new music video!

Ariana's debut album is tinged with an irresistible 90s vibe that is also apparent in the new music video. The outfits and cars in the video are reminiscent of the most colorful 90s fashions, and we think the look totally meshes with the sound of the track!

One thing the video does not lack is amazing dancing. We get to see Ariana dancing all around town backed up by a posse of amazing dancers!

The video also features Ariana riding on the hood of a 90s car. Don't try this at home!

Watch the video here and tell us what you think in the comments!