Oh Cecilia By The Vamps and Shawn Mendes!

The new music video for The Vamps' "Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)", featuring Shawn Mendes, leaves the boys shipwrecked on a desert island and struggling to survive!Oh Cecilia Breaking My Heart The Vamps Shawn Mendes

The epic new video begins with the boys in the sea, struggling for breath after some kind of accident. Their musical gear floats about them as they wash ashore on a nearby island.

At first, the boys are absolutely clueless. They spell "VAMPS HELP" with palm fronds on the beach, with hopes of being found, and attempt to scale a palm tree to nab some nutritious coconuts. They also try their hand at spearfishing, to no avail.

Just when they begin to grow desperate, they encounter a group of people who already inhabit the island. Before long, Bradley begins to fall in love with their leader.

With the help of people who actually know what they're doing, The Vamps finally learn some survival skills and start to make the best of their news lives as residents of this very special island.

They love it so much that, when a rescue plane finally arrives, the guys run deep into the jungle for cover!

The video for "Oh Cecilia" is fun and adventurous, and is a great match for this version of the Simon & Garfunkel track about a bittersweet love.

It features some absolutely gorgeous performance shots from an island mountaintop, plus a great cameo of Shawn Mendes, complete with face paint!

Check out the hilarious new music video below! Also be sure to check out our interview with The Vamps here, and join our Vamps fan club at Sweety High!