OH OH! Sarah Hyland's Scary Fashion Emergency!

Sarah Hyland was looking sassy and sweet on the red carpet last night at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards!

Unfortunately she ran into a little trouble while waiting to be interviewed by E!'s Giuliana Rancic!

The zipper on the back of her vintage gown burst and the Modern Family star was fortunate enough to catch the gown before anything was revealed!

"Well I was just standing there waiting to come up here, and I just kinda felt like an explosion in my back, and I was kinda just like, 'what happened!' And I felt my back and I felt bare back," explained the starlet.

There was a sewing kit on hand and the E! crew helped sew the starlet back into her gown. We love how Sarah was all smiles while explaining the story and that there were no diva antics to be seen!

She joked with Rancic that the zipper must have bust because she didn't go on any crazy diets for the event and that it must have been all the McDonalds she scarfed down during the week.

Funny and fashionable! This is one star we know will be successful in the future!