What Is Ohii? Urban Outfitters Is Launching a Cute, Affordable Beauty Brand

It looks like Urban Outfitters' lovers are soon going to have another reason to stan the retailer.

The company is launching its own beauty brand, Ohii (pronounced "Oh, hi"), and from what we've seen so far, it is equal parts adorable and affordable. Ohii's products are even cruelty- and paraben-free.

Urban Outfitters says that Ohii "seeks to enhance natural beauty, not hide it," and the products are reportedly great for a more minimalist look; these products are likely the ones you'll want on your "my face but better" days. Bustle likened it to Glossier, which also offers natural-looking makeup and is known for focusing heavily on skin care.

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At launch, Ohii will offer a variety of products that address a number of different beauty needs. Some of the options include a peel-off mask, a clay cream cleanser, an eye palette, mascara and deodorant, among others. They range from $8 to $24, according to Cosmopolitan.

Here is Urban Outfitters' introduction to Ohii, which shows the products in action.

If you're curious about Ohii, you'll be able to find it in stores and online starting Sept. 10.


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