13 Strange Changes That Happen When Your Sibling Goes Off to College

Sooner than we'd like to admit, summer will come to an end, which means we'll pack our bags and head back to school.

For many of our older siblings, back to school means the exciting yet scary start of college.

If you have an older sib who's preparing for this huge benchmark then you are also about to go through a huge change. They may be flying the coop but you'll be left at said coop picking up the pieces of your weepy parents.

Scroll below for some changes you can expect to experience after your sib goes off to college:

1. You actually grow closer over time because they aren't around for daily bickering and fighting.

Two sisters in a fight on the couch

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2. If you had to share a room with another sibling, this finally means that you get your own room! Additionally, if your older sib had the bigger room, that space is now available to the one and only you. 

3. You're free to snoop in their room all you want without the fear of being caught.

4. Added bonus: If you have an older sister you get to wear whatever clothes she left behind and she can't even complain about it.

5. Now that your sib is out of the house, there is so much more parental attention on you. Seriously, they are practically watching your every move and, like, they want to hang out on the weekends.

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6. Saying goodbye to your sibling also means saying goodbye to their friends. Those older kids who have been eating your parents out of house and home, who you've gotten to know and love over the years… yeah, you have more than just one goodbye in store this summer.

7. You expect to see them every day when you wake up or come home from school. This adjustment period is really weird, to say the least. It'll take some time to get used to their absence. 

8. You can spend so much more time in the bathroom without getting complaints. Hello long showers and daydream concerts.

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9. Unlike when they've taken summer or spring break trips, the realization hits you that they aren't coming home again, not permanently anyway. It's a weird thought. You'll get used to it.

10. Even though they never wanted you to tag along to hangouts when they were living at home, you suddenly start getting invites to visit them at school. Suddenly your baby sis status skyrockets.

11. Skype and FaceTime become a much bigger aspect of your life.

12. The shared car: It either becomes your car for keeps while your sib is away or you're forced to wave it goodbye as they drive it up to school.

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13. You… miss… them… ?


While you're obviously going to miss your big sis, you definitely won't miss THESE struggles of sharing a bedroom.