Things You'll Relate to If You Grew Up an Older Sister

Many people believe that your birth order says a lot about your personality.

That may be true, but as anyone who is an older sister can attest, there are some things that are just different for you than they are for your younger sibling. You may have experienced many of the same things they're currently going through, but somehow the fact that you did it first changes everything.

While there are pros and cons to being the wise sis who has already gone through all the drama and come out on the other side, one thing's for sure: You're likely to relate to at least one of these things if you're the older sister!

Your Younger Siblings Get Automatic Permission to Do Everything You Had to Fight For

That spring break beach weekend with friends? You made an entire PowerPoint proving why you were responsible enough to go. Your sister gets the automatic go ahead, solely because you ultimately were able to convince your parents.


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Your Closet Is Basically Their New Favorite Store

Sure, hand-me-downs are ecologically responsible and everything, but you just bought that shirt last month! It definitely does not count.

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You Set the Standard for Everything They Do

The classes you loved in high school will become their go-to recommendation for what to sign up for when the time comes.


You'll Never Quite See Them for as Mature as They (Probably) Are

No matter what you were doing at whatever age, by the time your younger sibling rolls around to that birthday, they'll always seem way more juvenile than you felt you were at their age.

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You Definitely Get Blamed for More Stuff, Even When They're Also in the Wrong

No matter how close in age you and your sister are, you're automatically "put in charge" when your parents are out. Which, unfortunately, means that if something goes wrong, it'you who gets the brunt of the blame. That includes who is to blame when you and your sib get in a big fight.


You Give the Best Advice, Even if They Don't Always Take It

From friend drama to college applications to relationship woes, you've been there, done that. You have a story for everything, and while your younger sibling may not always want to take your advice, you know they secretly appreciate your words of wisdom. At least, you hope so!


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