These Humorous Instagram Captions Are All About Being the Oldest Sibling

The oldest sibling in the family knows that the role has some nifty benefits and some major downsides.

Whether you're feeling burdened with responsibility or proudly in charge, don't forget to immortalize the weirdest, funniest moments with your younger siblings. These Instagram captions will help you make that happen.

For when your younger siblings are wreaking havoc in the background while you calmly snap a photo:

"Being the firstborn gives you great patience."

-Abraham Verghese


For when you feel wise with age about the way the world works:

"The oldest sibling always knows things that the younger ones don't."

-Mike Mills


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For when you want to post a cute photo with your younger siblings, but still flex on them:

"I've been the oldest child since before you were born."

-E L. Konigsburg


For that pic of you basically being the mom:

"When mom and dad are out, I'm in charge."


For your glamorous selfie from the passenger's seat:

"The eldest always gets shotgun."


For the pic showing off just how responsible you are:

"If the oldest sibling shovels the snow, then the younger one has a clear path in life."


For the photo documenting your ability to parent your own siblings:

"The oldest sibling is like parent No. 3."


For when your oldest sibling status means you're always busy, but you don't actually mind too much:

"Everyone depends on the oldest child."


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For the image of your sibling doing something they definitely won't get in trouble for:

"They get away with the things that would get me grounded for life."


For when being the eldest makes you feel like you have real authority:

"I'm the oldest, and I make the rules."


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