The Founder of This Luxurious Los Angeles Nail Salon Gives Us All the Nail Inspo We Need

Los Angeles, California, is the home to many things: beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, fun fashion trends and also, Olive and June—perhaps the most affordable luxury nail salon we've visited to date.

If you find yourself looking up nail inspo regularly on Instagram, chances are you've stumbled across Olive and June's page and their signature hashtag #OliveYourMani.

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There you'll find bold colors, fun patterned designs and an endless amount of inspiration for your next mani.

Because this salon happens to be in our own backyard, we decided to dive a little deeper into its origins and see just how it came to be.

What we discovered is that it was started by Sarah Gibson Tuttle a mani-pedi obsessive like us.

Sarah Gibson Tuttle founder of Olive & June Nail Salon

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Sarah spoke to Sweety High and shared just why this place is so distinct from others.

"From over 500 colors of polish to our amazing team, to a stylish and clean space, we truly try to elevate the experience in every way," she explained to us.

This salon started out of desperation. Sarah was a New York native who moved to Los Angeles and was truly searching for an affordable, but luxurious nail experience.

Because she couldn't find what she sought after, she decided to start one of her own: Olive and June, named after her grandma and great grandma, two women who were amazing influences in her life.

If you've ever entered one of Sarah's salons you know it is impeccably decorated. Everything from the wooden lounge chairs and their accompanying decorative pillows, to the flowers draped along the walls, is perfection. Every last detail was thought out.

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"It did take awhile to decide how to stylize my salon," Sarah said. "But working with Wall for Apricots (Brady Cunningham and Katy Burgess) felt right from the start. They just get our vision and also pushed us to think beyond that vision."

Although the stylization of the salon is a big part of what makes getting a treatment worthwhile, it's really more about how the manicure, itself, makes you feel.

"Taking time time for only you is really the best kind of present you can give yourself," Sarah explained. "My absolute favorite part about owning this salon chain is that we take part in making people happy every single day."

It's true. From A-list celebrities like Drew Barrymore (the first celeb to pay her store a visit!), Gwen Stefani, and Emma Roberts, to girls on a budget like myself, Olive and June truly takes care of every person who walks through its doors.

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After my experience at the salon, I felt happier and more confident. It's truly amazing what a little bit of paint and polish can do.

So, if you're looking for a little nail inspo, or live near LA and can check out one of Olive and June's three locations on your own, do yourself a favor and get pampered.

Choosing your nail art and color will be the hardest part of your visit!


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