Olive & June's Spring 2021 Nail Polish Set Is Spring Break in a Box

In 2019, I found myself becoming a little too frequent a visitor to my local nail salon. I was indulging in a gel manicures on the regular, which I knew wasn't exactly an ideal habit. Gel manis are expensive and time-consuming, and I felt stuck in a constant cycle of having my gel removed at the salon, only to decide to get a whole new mani while I was there instead of going home with bare nails.

When nail salons shuttered temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic, I decided that even post-reopening, I would be an official DIY nail gal. Fortunately, I knew exactly what I would need to succeed in my mission. That was a polish from Olive & June, my longtime go-tobrand, which provides as close as one can get to gel manicure longevity at home. Remind me again why I spent two hours every two weeks in a salon?

Olive & June's nail polishes are proudly seven-free, which in this case means they do not use formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide or xylene. In addition to being non-toxic, the brand boasts trendy colors which it also sells in different "sets" so you can create interesting ombre manicures or different unique looks using the brand's pre-approved combos of its many eye-catching shades.

This month, Olive & June sent me their Spring 2021 Collection for free, which included six colors as well as nail tools and the brand's signature glossy topcoat. The Spring box even has a peach version of the brand's famous tool the Poppy, which you pop on top of your nail polish cap in order to make it a bit easier to steady your hand.


(via Olive & June)

As is the Olive & June way, each color in the box is gorgeous. Half the colors are bright reds and pinks—almost like tropical flowers. Lava is a red-orange hue that really, really pops on the nail. Wild Orchid is an eye-catching magenta, while Hibiscus is a bright, loud red.  While you could easily wear these colors alone, Lava, Wild Orchid and Hibiscus are the perfect shades to create an ombre look with. They're different enough to create an impact but still close enough a gradient to show you're going for a look, and not just randomly painting for your nails different shades.

The other half of the colors in the collection are more demure pastels. Cockatoo is a light purple, Pink Sands is an orangey-pink and Angelfish is a pale blue-green. The colors give off major "garden party" vibes, and they'll be perfect for whenever we can go to those again. (I've never been to a garden party but I would like to be invited now, so I can wear my Olive & June polish.)

Like all Olive & June polishes, it's important to give your polish time to set between coats—especially for the pastels, which really show their true color potential after two or three coats. You'll get the best results in terms of longevity if you're patient, and trust—it's worth it so you don't have to touch up your nails throughout the week.


(via Olive & June)

All in all, Olive & June simply didn't miss with its Spring box—not that we'd expect anything less from this company. I'll be painting my nails with all of these fun colors while patiently awaiting warmer weather.

You can buy the Spring set right now on Olive & June's website.


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