Cookie Butter Cake Exists—But Is It Really As Good As It Sounds?

If you're a cookie-lover, few things are better than deliciously spreadable cookie butter, which gets its flavor from ground-up cookies.

Cookie butter tastes amazing on toast, drizzled over fruit or straight out of the jar, but Olive Garden just invented a new cookie butter dessert that's got our mouths watering—Cookie Butter cake.

Olive Garden's cookie butter cake

We got our hands on a slice of the cake, and we must admit it's not everything we imagined it would be.

The issue comes down to the cookie butter itself, which is more butter than it is cookie. While other cookie butters we've had in the past seemed like someone had magically transformed crispy cookies into a tasty spread, this cookie butter tastes like a tiny bit of cookie flavor was added to buttercream. Instead of having the texture we know and love, it's totally smooth. There simply isn't enough cookie flavor here.

On the cake's top layer of cookie butter there are dark streaks that have more of the cookie flavor we were looking for, but it's not enough to elevate the whole cake. The vanilla cake itself is quite good, and the cookie butter isn'exactly bad—it just doesn't live up to the expectation.

Cookie butter cake from Olive Garden with bite taken out

Interestingly, the best part of the cake is the outside layer, which is covered in cookie crumbs. This part of the cake tastes like cookies. We just wish the rest of the dessert followed suit.

Overall, the dessert is actually pretty tasty, but if you're a cookie butter purist, you're going to be disappointed with the final result.


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