Olive Garden Joked About Releasing a Makeup Palette and Now Fans Want One ASAP

If you've ever thought, "You know what Olive Garden should be selling? A makeup palette," you're way more of a visionary than most of us.

The restaurant chain's Twitter account joked about the idea in a tweet Tuesday, and it turns out that people are actually surprisingly into it.

They looked at a picture of the faux palette and were ready to embrace products like Breadstick Bronzer, Marinara Rouge, Alfredo Awesome and more.

The Olive Garden account confirmed that the palette "doesn't exist yet" and is "just in our dreams," but that didn't stop Italian food and makeup lovers from getting excited about it. People responded with some serious support.

See? There's demand for this product.

An restaurant-inspired makeup palette may not be the most conventional idea, but it isn't the worst, either. Cosmetics brands do collaborations all the time, so maybe Olive Garden just needs to find the right partner. If there can be Crayola-inspired makeup, why not Italian food-themed cosmetics, too?

Give the people what they want.


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