Olivia Holt To Star In Disney's I Didn't Do It!

Olivia Holt is set to star in a brand new Disney Channel show called "I Didn't Do It!"

"I Didn't Do It" will start showing early next year on the Disney Channel and will star Olivia alongside Austin North, who was previously appeared in Kickin' It, See Dad Run, and A.N.T. Farm!

Olivia Holt I Didn't Do It

The show is about a couple of twins named Lindy and Logan Watson, played by Olivia and Austin. They're both freshmen in high school and adapting to their new school.

Every episode will start with a crazy situation, with Lindy and Logan each telling a very different account of what happened! The episodes will be told in flashbacks from their unique points of view. We're excited to see exactly what that will entail!

Fans of Olivia's current show, Kickin' It, can rest easy, since Olivia plans to also keep appearing in the Disney XD show! She Tweeted that she is "still kickin it."

Adam Bonnett, executive vice president or original programming for the Disney Channel, spoke highly of the upcoming show.

"We are looking forward to presenting our viewers with the humor, friendship and unexpected plot twists this unique sitcom offers by beginning each episode with the end of the story," Bonnett said. "We have assembled a top-notch creative team and cast of talented young actors with incredible comedic chemistry who already feel like they have been close friends since childhood."

Are you excited for the show to debut next year?