All the Reasons Olivia Holt Is Our #WCW This Week!

We're starting to get the feeling that there isn't a single thing Olivia Holt can't do. Whether she's opening up for Journey, owning the theater stage or gracing our TV sets, she's just about everywhere and we love it! Here's why she's our #WCW this week (and why she'll probably be yours every Wednesday until the end of time).


First off, her voice. Her songs are always gorgeous, and now that she's signed with Hollywood Records, we have SO many more Olivia jams to look forward to!


Her work with St. Jude Children's Hospital is AMAZING, and it makes a huge difference, too. She even asked for donations to them instead of presents for her 16th birthday. Could she be sweeter?


She's every Disney Princess rolled into one. She nailed Sleeping Beauty on stage, but Rapunzel is clearly her spirit animal.

And we are in love with her video game obsession. She's a Mario Kart 7 master!


She even had a Nintendo-themed 18th birthday party!


Her dogs are totally pet goals. Is it even possible to be cuter than Diesel and Scout???


Sorry Logan! Austin North is cute and all, but we're always going to be Team Lindy.


Her love of french fries speaks right to our souls.


And her Halloween costume game is ALWAYS on point. Which is your fav: furry monster, ketchup or Elle Woods?


Are you the biggest Olivian around? Tell us why she's YOUR #WCW in the comments, and find out what she had to say about her amazing Nintendo-themed 18th birthday party here!