The Best Olivia O'Brien Lyrics as Instagram Captions

We don't know about you, but we plan on being front row at Olivia O'Brien's Coachella set this year.

Not only is the 22-year-old singer-songwriter a total babe, but she knows how to reel in an audience when she's on the stage. If you love Olivia O'Brien's music as much as we do, we think you should use one of the following lyrics as your next caption on Instagram.

For when you're in your feels:

"Wish I didn't have such a sensitive soul."



For when you're over being social:

"Mama, can you pick me up? I wanna come home, I hate this grown up stuff."

-"Call Mom"


For when you take a fire selfie and know you look good:

"You look like you're nice, but you're not. And if anyone likes you, it's just cause you're hot."

-"No Love"


For when you're bored as can be:

"Hollywood has lost all its allure. Used to be so pretty. Now it's just a city."

-"I Don't Exist"


For when you're subposting someone who won't stop talking about you:

"So keep my name out of your mouth, please. 'Cause you don't know about me."



For that hilarious group chat screenshot:

"Texting in my group chat doesn't count as therapy. But all my friends are there for me."

-"We're All Gonna Die"


For when you're about to leave on your next adventure:

"I can guarantee when I'm gone that you'll miss me."

-"Just A Boy"


For when you're dressed in shades of purple:

"I live in a purple world. Lavender highs and violet lows."



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