Olivia Rodrigo Lyrics as IG Captions for When You're In Love

Olivia Rodrigo is our favorite angsty teen pop star of this generation.

Following in the footsteps of artists like Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift, Olivia sure does know how to get her feelings across in a song. And while pretty much all of her lyrics are about heartbreak and loss, after doing some digging, we were able to find some about love. So, if you find yourself in love with someone, we think you should use one of the following Olivia Rodrigo lyrics as your next Instagram caption!

For when you're looking into the eyes of the one you love:

"I've never felt this way for no one."

-"drivers license"


For when you and your S.O. are sharing ice cream:

"Car rides to Malibu. Strawberry ice cream. One spoon for two."

-"deja vu"


For when you weren't honest about your strong feelings for them at first:

"I played dumb but I always knew."



For when you're celebrating your partner's birthday:

"I hope you know how proud I am you were created."

-"hope ur ok"


For when you and your love are smooching:

"Kissing in the taxi cab 'til the driver gives us dirty looks back."

-"This Is Love, Right?" (unreleased original song)


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