9 Shocking Facts About 2016 Olympics Fashion

We're pretty stoked because Team USA is dominating at the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil!

We've already racked up more than 30 medals!

It's no secret that our strength is in the water

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We're also a force in the gym–the Team USA ladies gymnastics team, now dubbed the "Final Five," took home the all around gold. And, Olympic newbie Simone Biles won gold in the individual all around, while Team USA veteran Aly Raisman took home silver.

But, besides all of the superhuman stunts and tricks, there's something else that always catches our eye during the Olympic games and that is… the uniforms! So, we've rounded up a few fun Olympics fashion facts.


1. Each Team USA Gymnast's Ensemble Cost About $12,000

Each member of the U.S. Women's gymnastics team gets 12 practice leotards and eight competition leotards, which cost between $700 and $1,200 each. This year, each competition leotard is covered in 5,000 crystals. They're also custom-made and fit for each athlete.

Madison Kocian Floor Routine 2016 Rio Olympics

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2. You Can Show Your Legs–But Not Your Arms?

At least, when it comes to gymnastics. It's considered unpolished to wear a sleeveless uniform for competition, but there is no rule against covering your legs.

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3. Ralph Lauren Designed the Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniforms

Ralph Lauren is an iconic American designer who epitomizes Americana athleisure. He's most known for his classic polo shirts, and he's the perfect designer to outfit Team USA.

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4. All 1,100 Uniforms Were Made in the USA

It's no secret that a lot of the clothes we buy are made overseas because of cheaper costs. But, Ralph Lauren wanted to create jobs here at home, and tasked himself with making every single piece and part of the uniforms here in America.


5. Did You Catch Michael Phelps' Light-Up Jacket?

There was a definite star of the show, and for once, we aren't talking about Michael! At the 2016 Opening Ceremony, Michael was not only chosen to carry the flag for Team USA–he also got to wear a custom, light-up jacket with "Team USA" literally lighting up the Opening Ceremony.


6. Team USA Isn't the Only Team With a High Brow Uniform Designer

Sweden was dressed by H&M; Lacoste created France's uniforms; Great Britain turned to British designer Stella McCartney; and legendary designer Giorgio Armani was tapped for team Italy. Heck, Team Cuba somehow got Christian Louboutin!


7. At the First Modern Olympics, Athletes Wore Their Own Clothes

Yeah… things have changed a lot since 1896.

The Rings are officially on display in the #Rio2016 Olympic Park! #TeamUSA

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8. Team USA's Opening Ceremony Outfits Are For Sale

Everything from blazers to custom monogrammed polos are up for grabs on RalphLauren.com/TeamUSA.


9. Some Teams Had a Few Fashion Faux Pas

Social media had their fair share of opinions on the Opening Ceremony attire.


If you still want more Olympics facts, HERE are five fun facts about the USA women's gymnastic's team!