K-pop Group Omega X Dishes on Their Debut and First Mini Album, VAMOS

We are always keeping an eye out for the next big thing in K-pop, and we think we might have just found the it group for summer 2021 in the form of Omega X.

The 11-member group made their official debut last month with the release of their first mini-album, titled VAMOS, and it is a must-listen for any fans of the genre. For us, it was love at first listen, and we got the chance to get to know each of the members and what they're all about in the interview below.

Sweety High: Who are the members of Omega X? What role does each person play within the group?

Junghoon: I'm Omega X's Junghoon. I'm in charge of making the members laugh and part of the dance line!

Jaehan: O.X! Hi, I'm Jaehan, the impressive vocalist of Omega X. We have 11 members: Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk and Yechan. We don't have a leader, but the teamwork is great as if all 11 of us are leaders.

Jehyun: Hello! I'm Jehyun! I'm the leader in charge of everything in the team (jk)

Hwichan: I'm Lee Hwichan. I sing really hard for the group.

Xen: Hello, we're Omega X. I'm an all-rounder responsible for all positions.

Yechan: I'm Yechan! I'm the youngest in the group. I can dance, sing and rap, so I like to think that I balance the group's talents.

Kevin: O.X! Hello, we're Omega X! We have 11 cool members, and I'm in charge of beng fresh and sweet.

Hangyeom: I'm Hangyeom in the hyung line, and the maknae of the hyung line. Nice to meet you all.

Hyuk: I'm Hyuk! I'm the leader responsible for vocal, rap and dance.

Sebin: Hello! We're Omega X. My biggest responsibility is happy vibes!

Taedong: I'm Taedong. I'm in the dance line and I like to clean. I can get pretty awkward but it's really nice to meet you!

Omega X pink group photo

(Image courtesy of Omega X)


SH: What does being an "Avenger-class" boy group mean to the band?

Jaehan: I think we're called that because all 11 of us can sing, dance and rap like we're in those lines actually being categorized into any positions.

Hangyeom: It means we have talented members. As the Avengers saved the world, we'd like to inspire K-pop fans around the world to hope and dream!

Sebin: We are amazingly talented, good looking, funny, nice and polite to the Avenger-level.

Omega X white shirts group photo

(Image courtesy of Omega X)


SH: What does "VAMOS" mean to the band? What was the songwriting process for the song?

Taedong: The title track "VAMOS" means "Let's go" in Spanish, signaling our first start. At first, this song was challenging to sing and dance to, but the members helped one another and we could complete the process successfully.

Yechan: The song "VAMOS" means, "We're all ready, so let's walk into the future (fiesta)." I started rapping with this song which was challenging at first, but it's led me to listen to a lot of hip-hop. Dancing was challenging at first as well, but it was so cool to see the members understand the choreography more and more and grow as dancers.

Hwichan: I think the phrase "Let's go" means a lot as the title of our debut album.


SH: Why was "VAMOS" the perfect title track for the mini-album?

Omega X: The unique beats and lyrics of "VAMOS" were exactly what we were looking for to make a strong impression on our re-debut. The line "Vamos a la fiesta," which means "let's party," suggests our hope for everyone who listens to enjoy this song, and to party it up when COVID-19 ends.

The beat and lyrics of the song were what OX were looking for with their strong re-debut for its uniqueness of sound which differentiates it from other K-pop boy bands these days. It also makes perfect sense for the members starting their second chapter in their career, in a sense, that they hope it to be a way to "a fiesta" of "party" that everyone can enjoy together. It has well-expressed everyone's hope that we want to end this COVID era and throw a party together as well.


SH: What excites the band most about getting to release these five tracks?

Xen: I'm most excited about the track "Ice Tag"! The western feel to it and playful lyrics come together so well. When I'm performing it on stage, I really feel that I'm having fun.

Junghoon: I can't wait to share our namesake, "Omega X"!

Jehyun: It's nice to be able to say hello to fans with our first new album and share our performances.

Omega X colorful group photo

(Image courtesy of Omega X)


SH: How do these new songs represent the band? Is there anything else the band would like to add?

Hyuk: I'd love for the 11 of us to drop a summer song and share a fun performance.

Kevin: These songs have a strong, hip feel to them, and they'll define Omega X's color. In terms of things to add, I'm interested in trying the cute concept!


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