Omega X Discuss Their New EP Love Me Like and Teamwork

A lot has happened since we last talked with Omega X in July.

This time around, they're back with their new single and mini-album LOVE ME LIKE. We were so honored and excited to catch up with the boys and speak with them about their new release.

Sweety High: What's something new you've learned since your debut? 

Xen: We are experiencing faster and faster comebacks, but during that process, I feel like our teamwork is getting better and we can collaborate more easily. We understand each other more and more without words.


SH: How do you feel about the reception you've gotten so far?

Hwichan: One thing we've noticed and heard through articles and through the public is that we are "monster rookies" and that we are becoming 4th generation "beast idols." We wanna thank all of the journalists and the public for that title and we will work harder to become even bigger "monster idols."


SH: What does the title track "LOVE ME LIKE" mean to you? 

Hangyeom: When we first heard the title of the song, we assumed it was going to be a cute and soft song about love. But it is a more sexy-sounding song. It begins with a flute sound that is very addictive and it goes well with our choreography.


SH: What's your favorite music video you've filmed so far? 

Xen: I definitely love our new music video for "Love Me Like," but my personal favorite is "What's Going On." It really fits my vibe and it is very extravagant with a lot of CGI and special effects, so I really like that one.


SH: Where's a place that you would all like to visit on tour? 

Kevin: Italy. I really like the construction and infrastructure and I would like to see Venice at least once.


SH: Who do you look up to musically? Who are your influences? 

Yechan: I really like the band LANY and Justin Bieber. I recently have been listening a lot to MINO (from the K-Pop band WINNER).


SH: What's your most favorable interaction with your fans (For X) so far? 

Taedong: Our first fan meeting was the moment we cherish the most because it was the biggest event we've held since our debut.


What do you want Omega X to be remembered for? 

Junghoon: We've all experienced debuting before and it didn't go so well, but now we are in a new group together. I would like people to think of Omega X as a symbol of never giving up and always trying to achieve new things.


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