Omnom Takes the Classic Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar and Elevates It to New Levels

Over the last year, Omnom has cemented itself as one of my favorite chocolate brands of all time.

The  Reykjavík-based chocolatier is all about using only the finest ingredients, sometimes incorporating unique flavors to make chocolates you'd never dream up, and other times using the best of the best ingredients to make an ultra-luxe version of your faves. I always love hearing from them, and when the brand reached out asking if I'd be interested in trying their elegant new take on the classic Cookies + Cream flavor, I just had to say yes.

The Brand

Omnom is a company focused on making the highest-quality chocolates possible. They use single-origin cacao beans, which are ethically sourced and purchased straight from farmers in Madagascar, Nicaragua and Tanzania, ensuring that their chocolate is the real deal and that they're supporting the folks behind the chocolate. Then, Icelandic milk powder and organic sugar cane are added to give their chocolates that distinct Omnom taste.

And while the brand is known for unusual flavor combinations, such as licorice and raspberry, or black and burnt barley, they also have a reputation for elevating the classics. That's precisely what their new Cookies + Cream bar is all about. It sells on the Omnom website for $8.99.

Omnom Cookies and Cream Bar in Panda Arms

(via Omnom)


The Experience

The Omnom experience begins before you ever open up their bars, because their products come in incredible packaging. This Cookies + Cream bar features adorably angular black and white pandas (plus bamboo stalks) on the box, matching the color scheme of the chocolate bar within.

Omnom Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar

(via Omnom)

Of course, the bar inside that wrapper is what's most important. This white chocolate bar is embedded with two dark chocolate cookies. Unlike a typical cookies and cream bar, you're not just getting bits and pieces of cookie, here. The white chocolate is buttery smooth, and paired with the cookies (made with 70% Tanzania dark chocolate), the result is the iconic cookies and cream you've come to expect, but earthier, less sweet and more well-rounded, with a hint of salt to seal the deal. It's so tasty, it just might be my favorite bar from Omnom so far—and it has certainly been the quickest to get all eaten up.

Omnom Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar reverse

(via Omnom)



Bottom Line

If you're looking for a super-premium chocolate bar to satisfy your cookies and cream cravings, I don't think you could do much better than this bar from Omnom. I can see how some fans who enjoy their chocolate ultra-sweet might not think this bar hits those notes, but I personally prefer that it's got more complexity in its bitter, salty and dark notes. I also realize that $9 chocolates aren't for everyone, but if you're curious enough and you've got the cash, it's absolutely worth a try. In fact, it's so tasty that going back to anything else will be a challenge.


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