Omnom's Halloween Chocolate Offers Unusually Delicious Flavors in THE Cutest Packaging

I've been a chocolate lover for literal decades now, and it's not often that anything in the chocolate world surprises me. Whether it's spiced, keto, adaptogenic or something else, I've tried it all.

But even in spite of that, Omnom Chocolate from Reykjavik, Iceland immediately jumped out at me as something different. Not only does the brand sport some innovative and unusual flavors, but their ethical approach and unparalleled packaging set them apart from the rest.

When the folks behind Omnom asked if I would be willing to try their Halloween Collection, featuring three fabulous flavors, I eagerly agreed, and discovered I was in for a true treat.

The Bundle

Omnom is a brand all about making high-quality, ethically sourced chocolate. They use single-origin cacao beans from Madagascar, Nicaragua and Tanzania and use Icelandic milk powder and organic sugar cane to bring out the best in their chocolate's innate flavors. Plus, all of their cocoa beans are purchased directly from farmers.

In addition to having high standards for their flavors, they've got a strong aesthetic as well. Their bars are inspired by incredible animals and are wrapped in uniquely elegant packaging. Their bars also come in breakable geometrical shards that make them stand out from the competition.

Onnom Chocolate Halloween bars

(via Omnom Chocolate)

They also tend to get experimental with their flavors, particularly their seasonal offerings. Their Halloween collection, for example, boasts Black n' Burnt Barley and Coffee + Milk bars, plus a 70% dark chocolate bar of Tanzanian chocolate. The holiday three-bar pack sells for $23.99.

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The Flavors

Black n' Burnt Barley

Most of the time, I start my taste tests with the most standard flavor, but this time around, I was too curious to help myself, opting to dig into the Black n' Burnt Barley flavor first. But before I could even get into the chocolate itself, I noticed the incredible packaging adorned with angular screeching crows. Not only did the box look great, but it was perfect for the spooky holiday season.

The color of the chocolate inside was some of the darkest I've ever seen, which made me slightly wary that it would be incredibly bitter. It also gave off an almost bread-like scent, and from the underside I could see it was embedded with barley grains.

When I touched my tongue to the piece of chocolate, I was struck by its rich salty flavor, and when I finally took a bite, I was surprised that it wasn't bitter at all. Instead, it was hearty and almost savory, with a full salty taste that was somehow reminiscent of chocolate and toast. It was unusually delicious, and I've never had anything quite like it.

I also noticed that, when I went to close up the chocolate to move on and try the next flavor, the crow-covered cardboard packaging sealed back up neatly and conveniently. I'm guessing these can stay fresh for a long time—not that they'll last that long!

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Tanzania 70%

I've had a lot of dark chocolate in my time, so I wasn't expecting anything new or shocking with this Tanzania 70% chocolate. I was so wrong. On top of the adorable beetle pattern on the packaging (giving me major Animal Crossing vibes), the chocolate gave off a slightly fruity scent that I wasn't expecting.

One bite in and my suspicions were confirmed. This chocolate really did taste like fruit, with hints of raisins and other dried fruit. In fact, it reminded me of trying cacao jerky for the first time and being surprised at the almost tamarind-like flavor profile. It didn't taste at all like the bitter, burnt-tasting high-cocoa dark chocolate I've had in the past, and I was an immediate fan.

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Coffee + Milk

And lastly, it was time to try the Coffee + Milk chocolate, which I was greatly looking forward to as a coffee-lover who doesn't drink much of it because I can be sensitive to caffeine. This bar was contained in packaging with alternating black and white bats, wonderfully fitting into the Halloween theme.

Though this bar looked more like classic milk chocolate in color, the powerful scent of freshly ground coffee beans immediately rose from the bar once I opened it. And when I bit into the bar, it tasted exactly like sipping a slightly milky yet boldly flavored cup of coffee, with a sweet white chocolate finish.

It's actually made with coffee beans instead of cocoa, giving it a rich profile and as much caffeine as a shot of espresso. It's a very good thing that it's a Friday, so it won't be too much of a problem if it keeps me up all night.

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Bottom Line

Omnom Chocolates are a must-try for any chocolate-lovers looking to broaden their horizons. Not only do they offer flavors you can't find anywhere else, but they all taste incredible, and they're made sustainably and ethically. Plus, you can't go wrong when it comes to the way these bars look. Their packaging is unparalleled.

Of course, these are luxury chocolates, so I'd steer clear if you're not willing to pay $8 a bar for high-quality, sustainably sourced chocolate that looks as good as it tastes. Otherwise, don't skip it, or you'll be missing out.


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