Omnom's Mr. Carrots' Mango-Passion Milk Chocolate Almonds Are a Different Type of Easter Treat

I can't begin to explain how excited I get every time I hear from the folks behind Reykjavík-based chocolatier Omnom.

The brand consistently releases delicious and innovative seasonal and holiday-inspired chocolate flavors, and with Easter rounding the corner, I was expecting some big things from them. This time around, their festive offering is Mr. Carrots' Mango-Passion Milk Chocolate Almonds, and after trying these uniquely coated nuts for myself, I can truly say it's unlike anything else you'll find in your Easter basket.

The Product

Omnom is a company based out of Iceland that specializes in high-quality chocolate made from ethically sourced, single-origin cacao beans. They then use organic cane sugar and Icelandic milk powder to bring the best flavors possible out of the beans. While most years, Omnom releases a geometric chocolate Mr. Carrots Easter bunny head around springtime, this time around, the brand opted to do something entirely different with Mr. Carrots' Mango-Passion Milk Chocolate Almonds.

These unusual treats come in a 10.6 oz. container, and consist of almonds coated in milk chocolate and infused with mango puree concentrate and passion fruit powder to give them a bright, fruity taste—complete with a vibrant yellow-orange color. The box retails for $29.99.


Omnom Mr Carrots Almond Box outside

(via Omnom)


The Experience

When I received this lovely Easter package from Omnom, I was first struck by the incredible packaging. Omnom always knocks it out of the park when it comes to wrapping their chocolate, and this time around was no different. The whole thing comes in a bold and bright yellow package, with a subtle orange carrot pattern printed across it, as well as a depiction of Mr. Carrots himself.

The box comes with an outer sleeve with a perforated opening you can pop open and lift up to gain access to the delicious, golden egg-shaped treats inside. Their brown-yellow color, with a gentle shiny sheen, makes them resemble gemstones, and they smell like both fruit and chocolate at once.

I was surprised that it only had to barely touch the tip of my tongue for the strong fruit flavor to come through, perfectly blending the sweetness of mango with the tart punchiness of passion fruit to create a flavor that pops in the mouth. When I bit into it, I was a little surprised to find that the fruit flavors were so strong, mingling acidity and sweetness, that the milk chocolate flavor mostly disappeared. It almost tasted as if it could be simple white chocolate. The almond in the center was crunchy and satisfying, and paired well with the surrounding flavors. Of course, when I was done with that first one, I had to go back for another refreshing handful. They're satiating, but not so much that you'll only want a couple at a time.

Omnom Mr Carrots Almond Box inside

(via Omnom)


Bottom Line

If you love unique flavor pairings and nutty, crunchy treats, Mr. Carrots' Mango-Passion Milk Chocolate Almonds are going to tick all of your boxes. They have a lovely chocolatey texture, satisfying bite and unusual fruity flavors that I personally have never had together at once. Of course, luxury chocolate comes at a price, and this box at almost $30 won't be within everyone's price point. If you've got the cash, and your mouth waters at the sound of the flavor, then you should treat yourself and give it a try.


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