One Day Without Shoes With Ryan Beatty!

It's April 29, which means it's time to celebrate Toms Shoes' annual "One Day Without Shoes" campaign, and Ryan Beatty is in on the action yet again!one day without shoes ryan beatty

"One Day Without Shoes" is an annual event, where participants take off their shoes and spend the day barefoot to raise awareness around the world regarding children's health and education!

When kids don't have access to education and the resources that can keep them healthy, they're more likely to become trapped in the poverty cycle, affecting not only their own lives, but the outcomes of their families and communities.

For the seventh annual "One Day Without Shoes" campaign, Ryan Beatty is joining in for the second year in a row! Tonight, he will take the stage for a free acoustic performance in celebration of the event!

Ryan takes the stage at The Record Parlour in Hollywood at 7pm!

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