One Direction and Office Depot Line Out Today!

If you're visiting an Office Depot store today, be on the lookout for the new "Live Love Move" line of One Direction and Office Depot office supplies, which were just released today!

The "Live Love Move" supplies include wristbands, nail polishes, binders, dividers, highlighters and more featuring the faces of One Direction, plus anti-bullying slogans!

One Direction and Office Depot

The wristbands and polishes say the name of a band member on one side and an inspirational word on the other side. They read "Nice," "Unique," Original," "True," and "Confident." 

If you buy the 1D school supplies, not only will you take home some cool swag, but you'll also be supporting an anti-bullying initiative!

"One Direction + Office Depot have come #TOGETHER in a new education program aimed at creating bully-free schools," the site reads. "By buying exclusive limited-edition products, you will help raise the funds for this educational campaign in schools across America."

Office Depot are also giving away a ton of free tickets to see One Direction in concert!

"One Direction's U.S. tour is sold out," reads one ad. "We have 400+ tickets. WE NEED WINNERS."

Every winner in their contest gets 4 premium tickets to go see One Direction live in concert, and you can enter once every day until August 1!

Who knew Office Depot could be this awesome?