One Direction and the 12 Reasons They're the Best Band In the World!

We'd like to wish a happy 19th birthday to Harry Styles with a celebration of the band that helped his rise to stardom!

Since their formation on The X Factor in 2010, British-Irish boyband One Direction have taken the world by storm. But what is the secret of their success? Here are a few theories!

1. They can wear absolutely anything and look fantastic!


2. They always keep in shape, both physically…


3. … and mentally.

4. If you can't meet the real thing, there's always the action figures!


5. They're the world's best BFFs!


6. They're animal lovers!

7. They know to embrace their inner child!

8. They're never too rich or too famous to utilize public transportation!

9. They're ALWAYS color coordinated…

10. … and their dance moves aren't bad either!

11. They have the world's BEST fans!

12. They're proof that if you dream big, work hard, and stick together, you can accomplish anything!

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