One Direction Dogs: Meet the Dogs Behind 1D!

Nearly everyone is familiar with One Direction, but do you know the dogs behind the boys? While dogs follow the personalities of their owners, we think dogs shape their people as well, so we've compiled a handy guide to the One Direction dogs!One Direction dogs

Liam Payne's dog is an Alaskan Klee Kai named Loki. He basically looks like a black and white mini husky with almost black eyes!

Loki is the namesake of the charming and dastardly villain from superhero filmsThor and The Avengers, played by the English actor Tom Hiddleston!

Liam's pet is so famous that Hiddleston even mentioned Loki the dog during his acceptance speech for the "Best Villain" at the MTV Movie Awards in April.

"Ok so just got up to find that @twhiddleston mentioned me and my dog in his speech how amazing aha what a hero," Liam Tweeted when he found out. If Liam named his dog after us, we'd mention him in our reward speeches, too!


Pepper is the dog of Louis Tomlinson's long-time girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

Pepper is a Toy Cairn Terrier, a miniature version of one of the oldest terrier breeds, originally from the Scottish Highlands! One of the most famous dogs in movie history, Toto from The Wizard Of Oz, was a Cairn Terrier. Though Toto was black, Pepper is tiny with super shaggy light brown fur.

We can definitely see the appeal of a fuzzy little dog like that!


Hatchi the pomeranian belongs to Zayn Malik and his fianceé, Little Mix sweetheart Perrie Edwards.

Hatchi is golden-brown with a darker brown snout, and seems to have been named after the legend of the loyal dog Hachi-kō, a Japanese Akita. Hacki-kō is so famous he has his own statue in one of the busiest parts of Tokyo, in Shibuya. The statue is a popular meeting spot for Tokyo locals!

Hatchi is also a very clever dog, according to owner Perrie Edwards.

"Ok, I don't mean to brag, but my dog is a genius! He can now sit, give paw, lay down, and roll over! Yey :D" Perrie Tweeted from the Little Mix Twitter account.

Watch Hatchi showing off his tricks in the video below, and tell us which One Direction dog is your favorite!

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