8 Things You Need To Do To Survive One Direction's Hiatus

The dreaded One Direction hiatus will begin in just a few short months (cries enough tears to drown the whole world) and you may be wondering what you should do with your life to fill the void of no longer having the boys to fangirl over. We have a list of 8 things you have to do during the ~hiatus~ to keep you distracted from that empty feeling!


Harry Styles listening to music

1. Obviously you have to just lock yourself in your room the moment the hiatus begins and play all their albums forwards and backwards so you can become a one woman 1D cover band.

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Louis Tomlinson sleeping

2. Oh, and you NEED to catch up on all the sleep you missed out on when the boys were being problematic and ruining your life.

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Niall Horan writing

3. Now that you won't need to stalk the boys 25/8 on all their social media, you'll have plenty of free time to actually be committed to your school work.

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Harry Styles and Liam Payne hiking in Peru

4. Apart from what you may think, there is a whole world out there that isn't just 1D, so go experience nature with your besties! Just remember to bring plenty of mosquito repellent and some sunscreen.

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One Direction family photo

5. If you really miss the boys that much and just can't even, turn your family into the boys!?We are family! I've got all of One Direction and me!?

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6. Sports are a thing normal people do. Take up a sport to distract yourself. If Niall can somehow do it, you can too!


One Direction tumblr conspiracy theory

7. Maybe you'll even be the one to bring us much needed answers on the many conspiracy theories, such as the one above!

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Zayn Malik for Fader Magazine

8. Ok, so like don't hate us for suggesting that you get hype for Zayn's solo music. "Befour" is straight ??? and we're dying to hear more from him! Not sorry about it!

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Zayn Malik saying "This isn't the last of One Direction."

At the end of the day, we know their hiatus isn't going to last forever! The boys deserve this break and we will be counting down the days until their return.

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