One Direction School Supplies Coming Soon To Office Depot!

If you're one of the enthusiastic Directioners who has always wanted One Direction school supplies to exist, your wait is coming to an end! Scroll to the bottom of the page to check out a Sweety High exclusive One Direction contest!

Want to win some of One Direction's Office Depot supplies? The contest goes up July 19. Sign up now at to get prepared!

One Direction and Office Depot are teaming up for the "Live, Love, Move" project! Office Depot will be selling One Direction notebooks, binders, and other school supplies! They will be available starting July 5.

Proceeds from selling the school supplies donning Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn's faces go toward an anti-bullying education program that encourages kids to be kind to each other.

Live Love Move- One Direction school supplies

"Together we're launching an education program aimed at creating bully-free schools across America," Harry Styles says in a PSA for the campaign. Check it out below!

The campaign motto is "Live kind. Love everyone. Move together against bullying." That's a sentiment we can all get behind.

Contest details

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