One Last Dance Music Video By R5!

R5 have been teasing the release of a new music video all this week, and it's finally here with the sweet "One Last Dance"!one last dance r5 music video

The track's acoustic quality and sweeping instrumentation reminds us of classics like "Blackbird" by The Beatles, while the lyrics are bittersweet.

"One Last Dance" is an apology, as the singer hopes he can end his relationship on a positive note and remain friends with his former love.

The black-and-white music video was filmed while the band was on tour in Europe, and shows each of the members of R5 taking scenic walks throughout France, Italy, Belgium and more.

It also shows them performing in front of massive crowds, waving lighters and lifted palms in tune to the song.

Let us know what you think of the lovely new song below, and join us at to join our R5 Family!