One More Love Song Music Video By Eric Dash!

Eric Dash recently released his the music video for the song "One More Love Song." Eric told us all about his experiences shooting his first music video!

One More Love Song

"I had a great time," Eric said. "Growing up watching behind the scenes footage of music videos for famous artists makes shooting a video look like a grand experience. It was just as much fun as expected."

It took Eric and the rest of the crew two days to shoot the music video. The first day of the shoot was spent in Laguna, and Eric did a lot of moving around between filming inside and on the beach and boardwalk!

According to Eric, the music video director Rob More and producer Alex Weber devised the video's story line. Eric added to it to develop the video that came out in the end.

"We had the choice of making my first video about the song exactly, which could've been sad, or we could make it about the dream I had after I wrote the song," Eric explained. "Going to the girl I was in love with, playing her the song, and winning her back. We went with the latter."

In the music video, Eric visits the apartment of a former love and serenades her in hopes of regaining her love.

The song reminds the two of all of the incredible times together, which is shown to us in the video in flashbacks!

Eric explained that making a story for a music video isn't an easy process.

"It's adding a visual which is to be just as much a part of the song as the music, lyrics, and melody," Eric said. "You need a really basic concept which has a wonderful base."

The video also had Eric test his acting chops, which was a new experience for him.

"The acting was extremely minimal but a lot of fun," Eric said. "It's one of those things that everyone says they would be good at, but not many have the chance to try and see. I hope to do more at some point in my life."

You can see the new music video here!

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